Practical mental health support and education

My time as a mental health clinician within a psychiatric hospital environment and community crisis team showed me that the system doesn't work for the majority. It has been my mission ever since to change that, for good.



A warm welcome to Behaveo,
the safe community for learning all about human behaviour to support you on your unique life journey.

The work Charlie and his team do at Behaveo goes far beyond the support I was ever given when needed. Their fast and practical approach to mental health was refreshing and I can't thank them enough for how they've helped me.

Jenny Martins


The Three Components of Emotional Intelligence™

Ultimately responsible for how enjoyable our life experience is; high emotional intelligence (EQ) is linked to high personal performance and, in a 2018 global study, low EQ correlates with suicidal behaviour. (Source)

  1. 1
    EXPERIENCE: How you understand, interpret and feel the differing emotions throughout a day is the first hurdle to overcome. Starting with educating yourself on the Wheel of Emotion will equip you with this knowledge.
  2. 2
    REACTIVITY: Now you're educated on what the different emotions are, how they feel and what they mean, it's time to train yourself to control and manage your reactions so you can respond to situations accordingly.
  3. 3
    BEHAVIOUR: The final component that makes you an emotionally intelligent individual is to notice the impact of your behaviour externally and develop the communication and compassion to deal with a whole array of situations.

How we can help you

Here are the three main ways we can help you, your family or even your workplace in measuring and managing mental health so you can weather any storm and sail well.

Direct Support

Having that single constant support in your life will do wonders to your mental health. Prevention as well as cure.

Group Programmes

For families, friends or team mates to dedicate valuable time to manage their mental health and support each other.

Helpful Guides

Available to download to keep track of your mental health and to follow proven templates that bring out the best in you. 

Kind words from others

Behaveo totally flips 'therapy' on its head and helps me to recognise where I need focus.

Paul Tompkins

It's been a pleasure to go through such a helpful and thoughtful programme.

veronica rojas

We cannot do it alone and I'm so glad I acknowledged that and love my fulfilled life now.

Mary sullivan

Since suffering from what I now know was burnout, I've been a better family man, thank you.

michael WESTON

Educational content

About Charlie & Behaveo

Behaveo was born out of a frustration with the overstimulation of "self-help" knowledge matched with a lack of practical support being delivered to prevent mental illness from developing. Everyone is individual and has their own story, which is why I created the BehaveoLife™ framework for mental health management that takes into consideration the ten elements of life that contribute to a healthy mental wellbeing.
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Experience x Qualification

The most effective support doesn't come from just hands-on experience or just academic knowledge; it blends both approaches so you can understand the principles and reasoning behind why we're doing certain things and what they mean, but also how this looks with real life examples so you can confidently apply newfound learnings.

The four pillars of Behaveo expertise


How to start practically managing your own mental health today

Packed full of our knowledge of at-home mental health management, this guide will become your go-to support guide when you need it.

Practical Mental Health

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