A powerfully positive start to the day with good intentions and gratitude is a sure-fire way of achieving great progress in your endeavors, whether they are for your career, your vocational work, side-projects, or your family’s healthy development. And that’s where positive daily affirmations for men, specifically, come into play.

It’s common for a man to bare the load of financial pressures that can often become all to overwhelming, but starting the day with a fresh mindset ensures those burdens don’t become too much. As men, we don’t practice enough self-love and are renowned for not being emotionally intuitive enough but now that will change. It’s not just about positive quotes or overcoming negative thoughts, this is about starting every day with good intentions.

The strongest and most resilient structures are built on powerful foundations, and research shows that starting the day by repeating the following list of 15 positive daily affirmations to yourself in the mirror will stand you in good stead for success.

What is a ‘positive’ daily affirmation for men?

Also known as a positive affirmation statement, a daily affirmation for a man is no different from the women’s version, in that they are positive, self-affirming, repetitive statements that you repeat to yourself every morning to set the tone for the day. Poor night’s sleep? Stressful time at work? Relationship struggles? All of these mental challenges can be overcome by focusing on these positive statements, you will watch yourself become more confident, more adaptable, more tolerant, and more powerful by starting the day with daily affirmations.

It’s not just short, meaningless statements like I am strong or I am capable, or I am powerful and I am deserving, our uniquely written affirmations are of more depth akin to stoic writings.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

– Napoleon Hill

Why are daily affirmations for men so important nowadays?

Daily affirmations, specifically written for men, are an essential part of any positive self-development plan. They are a foundational habit that ensures every day is started right. Daily affirmations are important because they work on the brains ‘neuroplasticity’ on a subconscious level to change negative thoughts and beliefs into positive ones.

As a result, men can experience a positive shift in their mental well-being and self-confidence. This can have a profoundly positive impact on their day-to-day life, as it helps to organize everything else and promotes a positive routine. Men often struggle with a lack of confidence and self-esteem for a number of reasons, which can negatively affect their daily lives. By taking the time to re-affirm their best selves on a daily basis, and especially in the morning, men can start to see positive shift in their lives and manifest the greatness they deserve.

How should men practice their daily affirmations?

First thing in the morning! Men should practice their positive daily affirmations by finding a quiet place where they can be confident and strong in their voice and positioning themselves in front of a mirror or a camera to speak the affirmations directly into their eyes.

Men don’t often look at themselves closely in the mirror due to self-esteem and lack of emotional awareness so it is vitally important that a man looks himself in the eye when repeating these daily affirmations out loud. Choose 5-10 of the following list of 15 men’s affirmation statements, write them down on a piece of paper and make sure you start the day by reading them. Every single day.

Your affirmation statements may evolve as you, the man, goes through new stages of growth and development and that’s okay, just make sure you don’t change them too often.

List of 15 men’s daily affirmations

Here at Behaveo, we have written unique affirmations specifically for men and have adapted and taken inspiration from other quotes and platitudes to create the following list of 15 daily affirmations. Here’s a pro tip before you get started, if anyone of them are difficult to hear and you shy away from them, then you probably need them the most.

Don’t just choose the ones you feel most reflect you as you currently are as that won’t lead to growth, choose the ones you find most challenging to hear but represent where you are going and want to be in your life.

Write these down in your mental health journal to easily refer to.


  1. “I accept who I am and what I’ve been through”
  2. “I am not a victim but a victorious survivor”
  3. “I accept where I am and have the ability to change”
  4. “I am grateful for being alive and breathing”
  5. “I am a true reflection of my habits and actions”
  6. “I am powerful but I will not abuse my power”
  7. “I choose optimism over pessimism”
  8. I choose to compete with myself, not others”
  9. “I am worthy of love and accepting of its warmth”
  10. “I choose self-love over self-deprecating hate”
  11. “Being vulnerable is a strength that requires mental lifting”
  12. “Showing up as my best self is the best wealth I can give”
  13. “My thoughts are not my reality, my behavior is”
  14. “Each challenge presents an opportunity for growth.”
  15. “I will make healthy choices today as my body is a temple”

By using these positively powerful affirmations every day, first thing in the morning, you can set your intention straight from the off and create positive shifts in your life.

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Bonus list of short sharp daily affirmations for men

Here’s a bonus list of men’s affirmation statements that are quick and easy to remember, should you need a small space to write them down and carry them around, or for ease on your phone.

  • I am strong
  • I am resilient
  • I strive for greatness
  • I value my life
  • I am not perfect
  • I never give up
  • I learn from mistakes
  • I am empathetic
  • I control my power
  • I am a warrior
  • I am not broken
  • I am loving
  • I am reliable
  • I am dependable
  • I am human

Men’s daily affirmations FAQs

How many times a day should you say affirmations?

Once is enough and try it first thing in the morning. Depending on how you are feeling at the time and if you are in a particularly challenging period then twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening) will ensure you start and finish your day strong. You can’t overdo affirmation statements; it will only help solidify your mindset quicker and stronger.

How long does it take affirmations to work?

It’s been reported that repeating affirmations daily takes 22 days for the man to notice an improvement in general mood and making a mindset shift. That’s on average so you may see a positive change in less than three weeks or it could take about a month to notice. The trick to success with these affirmations is to truly believe in them – your mind will notice if you are deceiving yourself so try hard to focus and believe it (even if you don’t feel like it).

How can I get my male partner to practice daily affirmations?

Lead by example is a great way of getting your male partner to participate. If he sees that your mindset is positively benefiting from saying these statements each day then it’s a sure-fire way of getting him to as well!

The hardest part about this is convincing a man that these can make a difference and aren’t just some fluffy new-age astrology crap that you’ve probably heard them retort!

Research the science behind affirmations and present him with facts. And if he is in denial that he doesn’t need to say them then just say it’s more to prevent mental challenges that you cannot foresee than to fix something that isn’t currently broken.

Can affirmations change a man’s life?

Yes, they 100% absolutely can change a man’s life. Men, by nature, aren’t too intuitive with their emotions and their sensitive selves and their thought processes can be quite self-deprecating. Men seek validation by their male role models and if they don’t have any then they will be severely lacking in the type of love they need to feel confident. Repeating these daily affirmations to themselves in the mirror is the highest form of self-love that negates the need for external validation because they are as buddha says “peace comes from within”.

What affirmations do men like to hear?

Depending on how masculine or feminine the man is, he will want to hear different affirmations that alleviate his insecurities and re-affirm his confidence. For example, a highly masculine man will want to hear affirmations of strength and resilience that motivate them to work hard and achieve great success. Whereas a more feminine man will want to feel the warmth of self-love and compassion to know that they are worthy and valued.

Do positive affirmations actually work?

According to PositivePsychology.com:

“One of the key psychological theories behind positive affirmations is self-affirmation theory (Steele, 1988). So, yes, there are empirical studies based on the idea that we can maintain our sense of self-integrity by telling ourselves (or affirming) what we believe in positive ways.”

Catherine Moore, Positive Psychology

Self-integrity relates to our global self-efficacy—our perceived ability to control moral outcomes and respond flexibly when our self-concept is threatened (Cohen & Sherman, 2014). So, we as humans are motivated to protect ourselves from these threats by maintaining our self-integrity.


Hopefully you now see how important it is to confidently express yourself with these daily affirmations for men and the science behind it is legitimate. By having positive affirmations to recite in the morning and, if you need it, in the evening can set the tone for your day and create a positive mindset that will carry you through the hardest of challenges.

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