“It’s the self-talk, not the self-walk.”

Oprah Winfrey

Self-care affirmations are statements that you should be repeating to yourself every damn day, either by writing them down or looking in the mirror and saying them out loud to yourself. It kind of sounds crazy, but trust me, it works! Self-care affirmations, much like practicing breathwork, can help boost your mood and attitude, which will lead to a positive day ahead and achieve your wellbeing goals. Interested in the man in your life trying daily affirmations for themselves? Have them read: 10 Daily Affirmations For Men To Start The Day Powerfully.

a shadow of your former self after doing self-care affirmations
Shadow of your former self after self-care affirmations

This blog post includes 15 of the most effective self-care affirmations for people like you who want to start the day off on a positive and upbeat note, even when you aren’t feeling like it sometimes! These affirmations are statements of what you believe that you should say to yourself every morning when you wake up to keep your mental health in good shape all day long.

Remember, self-care is THE priority. There’s a reason why you’re told to put your oxygen mask on first in case of emergency, instead of your child’s. Fill your own cup before filling others.

List of self-care affirmations

Here’s the list of the 15 best self-care affirmations to say to yourself every day to have a positive mental health day and to live a better life without negative vibes and more happiness.

  1. “I always know exactly what to say and do.”
  2. “My self-care is my priority, no matter how busy I am today.”
  3. “Today I will be kinder to myself than yesterday!”
  4. “It’s okay if things don’t go as planned because it doesn’t mean that the whole day has been ruined”
  5. “The only person who can change me is ME – nobody else but MYSELF.”
  6. “All of my dreams are possible through self-discipline and belief in myself.”
  7. “Every single thing happens for a reason even when we cannot see why at first”
  8. “Everything I need comes within me; therefore, there is no need to look for it elsewhere.”
  9. “I will not let the negativity in others affect me today”
  10. “Today I choose self-love instead of self-hate”
  11. “Negativity is always self-destructive, so don’t choose it!”
  12. “I am self-aware, therefore I can learn from my mistakes.”
  13. “You are never too old to become who you want to be!”
  14. “My life is rewarding and fulfilling because of the choices that I do make each day.”
  15. “I don’t need to convince anyone of anything, I am self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Download self-care affirmations infographic

15 Self-Care Affirmations For a Positive Mental Health Day
15 Self-Care Affirmations For a Positive Mental Health Day

Watch this self-care affirmations video

Powerful affirmations for self-care (2m37s)

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How do I use positive affirmations for self-love?

Dedicate some time every week to practicing asserting yourself. The key for learning to do positive affirmations is to actually experience the feelings. It will certainly be uncomfortable at first but gradually becomes more natural as you develop more self-loving. Pick one or two self-love affirmations that you feel you need most and work together constantly.

These things can teach you how to build self-love and confidence. Give yourself a boost by recording affirmations during sleep to send those messages to your subconscious. In order to feel stronger you can also try chanting your own positive affirmations before bed.

List of affirmations for self-love

Here’s a list of affirmations for self-love that you can say to yourself every day and maybe even write them down somewhere so that you will be able to come back and look at them. Remember self-love is important for self-care because if we don’t learn how to truly love ourselves then we won’t know what our boundaries are, we won’t know when it’s time for us to take a break or ask someone else for help (or accept their offer of help).

Self-care affirmations like these ones about self-love should always lead into self-care activities such as yoga, meditation, exercise etc.

Self acceptance + self assurance: I am okay the way I am right now; nothing has changed in me simply by writing this statement out/in my head; everything about me is self-loving; I am self-confident in who I am, what my talents are and where they will bring me.

“I’m not afraid to say no or ask for help” – this statement of self care helps get rid of the feeling that saying no makes us a bad person because sometimes we need time alone to recharge our batteries. Sometimes asking for help means accepting someone else’s offer but other times it just means doing something on your own so you can remind yourself how capable you really are!

The world does revolve around me, but only in the sense that everyone has their own problems to deal with too!” – it’s important when practicing self-love affirmations like these ones about self-acceptance + self-assurance to remember that self love isn’t self-centeredness. The world doesn’t revolve around us because that would mean everyone else is just orbiting our sun waiting for their turn to shine!

We all have problems and difficulties in life, being self-loving means learning how to put yourself first sometimes but it also means recognizing when someone needs your help.

Self-care activities you can do at home:

Writing these self-care affirmations down and saying them out loud; taking a break from social media (or any digital device); going outside and getting some fresh air; practicing yoga or meditation; exercising/going for a run/swimming etc., cooking something healthy and delicious (and sharing with others if you want).

List of affirmations for anxiety

You really can out-think anxiety and the best way to do it is by repeating affirmation statements out loud! There’s plenty of research that proves this (Source). Here’s a list of affirmations for anxiety that will help you to deal with self-harm, self-hatred and self-doubt. Also, read our root chakra affirmations to help you avoid overwhelm and anxiety.

“I am calm yet alert.”

“My breathing is even and controlled.”

“I deserve love just like everyone else does.”

“I am self-compassionate.”

“I can do this today!”

“I am self-aware.”

“The world is beautiful and I deserve to be here!”

“I am accepting of myself today.”

“My feelings are valid and I deserve to feel them!”

“Insecurity is a thief of joy but it’s not going to rob me today.”

“I can self-soothe myself.”

“My anxiety doesn’t define me but it’s part of this whole person that I am!”

Affirmations for struggling with self-harm

If you’re struggling with feelings of self-harm or self-harm itself, there are so many other ways to cope with these feelings instead of self harm. These alternatives include everything from journaling, exercising or calling a friend – take your pick. You deserve to feel better than you do right now and the only way out is through.

For example, “If I have urges to self-mutilate, then I will write about them in my journal until they pass because ending something once it has begun leads to relief rather than guilt or shame.” Affirmations for self hatred: “Self hatred is toxic thinking that will only hold me back in life. I am self-compassionate.” “Self hatred is a thief of joy but it’s not going to rob me today.”

List of affirmations for self-doubt:

“I have the strength within myself to do this even if I don’t feel like it right now.”

“My feelings are valid and I deserve to feel them!”

“I have self-respect and self-worth.”

“My mind is powerful, I am capable of anything!”

“I am self-aware.”

“There is no room for self doubt in my life anymore, only self love and acceptance!”

“I can do this – I will not let self-doubt be the thing that holds me back today!”

If you ever feel like your self-esteem is low and your personal view of self-worth isn’t where it should be then these affirmations will help to remind you that things really don’t have to be so bad. Remember, these self-care affirmations should not replace professional treatment if needed!

Gratitude affirmations are super effective if you’re struggling with self-doubt.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use affirmations for mental health, keep reading the FAQs as we explore further into the topic of self-care affirmations! Say them out loud or write out a list on a piece of paper.

FAQs on self-care affirmations

Do self-care affirmations really work?

Self care affirmations absolutely work! If you say affirmations out loud or write them down, then they become part of your self-talk. Self talk is like a self-fulfilling prophecy; if we tell ourselves something enough times (like I’m not good enough) then eventually this becomes our reality (Source).

How do self-care affirmations work in the brain?

Self care affirmations work by reprogramming your self-talk. When you say affirmations, it’s like telling yourself that the thing that you are affirming is already true about you instead of just hoping or wishing for something to be true.

What conditions are positive affirmations helpful for?

According to Clearview Treatment Center, positive affirmations are effective for people who have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder as they help to reframe negative self-belief. Check the likelihood of your BPD diagnosis by taking our free online test.

How do I do daily self-care affirmations?

You can do daily self care affirmations quickly and easily if you start your day with them in the morning . All you have to do is pick self care affirmations that reflect your needs for the day and write them on a sheet of paper. You can also look at yourself in a mirror as you say these self-care affirmations out loud so they become more effective. Looking for a more practical, writing based way of reducing overthinking? Use these 11 mental health journal prompts.

How often should I say self care-affirmations?

You should say self-care affirmations at least once a day. This self-care affirmation is to help you start your day with a positive mental attitude and hopefully improve your mood, self esteem and confidence. It will also give you the motivation that you need to take on what lies ahead of you throughout the day so that by evening time, when it’s time for bed, then all of those things that were bugging you will not be on your mind anymore.

What time should I say self care-affirmations?

Anytime is great but it’s best if you do them in the morning as soon as you wake up and in the evening the last thing at night.

Should I get my kids to say self-care affirmations?

Kids can do self-care affirmations yes! It’s a great idea to teach children to love themselves and care for themselves. There’s no downsides to saying these statements and there’s plenty of research that alludes to the positives of this mental health habit!

I’m struggling with self-care, will affirmations help?

Affirmation statements will certainly help with self care as they help rewire your brain (neuroplasticity) to get rid of the negative self-talk and replacement it with positive vibes and good energy – no matter what’s going on in your world. If you struggle with saying affirmations then I would highly recommend stress balls for alleviating anxiety.