After making the transition from employee to employer a little under 6 months ago, with no real plan of action and a relatively secure financial runway, it quickly became apparent that saying “yes” and adding multiple different plates to spin was a surefire way of expediting the experience of burnout. I’ve worked freelance contract roles previously but mainly for one or two clients, so when opportunities arose without being clear on where I should focus my energy, I was acutely aware of the damage this could cause.

Having worked with Lee Groombridge in a previous role, I was aware and respected his journey in the world of business and was intrigued when he made the pivotal switch to educating himself on understanding the psychology behind high performance in both professional and personal contexts in order to then train to become a “Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology Coach” which is a rather stuffy way of saying “the art and science of coaching the unconscious mind”

And knowing that I had self-belief and ambitions to make a great impact, that unexpectedly early wake-up call motivated me to explore the option of having a strategic coach on the sidelines supporting me through my journey. A coach is someone who helps you strengthen discipline, provides unconditional support, identifies your strengths and helps you build upon them; assisting in finding the best strategies for you to deal with your unique challenges and guided to discover creative solutions to achieve the results you want.

With the Lucid Thrive Plan, Lee and I have worked together to develop a practical plan of action that suits my preferences, values and visions while helping overcome barriers that may be preventing me from reaching personal and professional goals.

“By reverse engineering your success with a coach, it serves as a guarantee to achieve lofty goals through accountability and support. Think of it as applied knowledge = practical!”

Lee Groombridge

Having been through three sections of this programme already, I feel like this is the business world’s best kept secret and that most if not all ambitious leaders will benefit from taking on the Lucid Thrive Plan. If you feel you would then you can either complete the 90 day programme with Lee 1-1 or take the self-guided approach with his brand new book available from Amazon UK by clicking on the image below and checking out: