MeOS – short for My Operating System – is the first mental health tracker of its kind.

Built in Notion, it uses a familiar and fundamental design principle that gives users a practical way of scoring the elements of their lives that affect mental wellbeing by determining what’s under control or what’s out of control.

The mental health Notion template can be duplicated into your existing dashboard should you have one, or alternatively, you can create a free Notion account and take this recommended beginner’s course on YouTube to get up to speed. MeOS is fully operational on the Notion mobile app however, certainly during the setup process, it’s advised to use a web browser for the optimum experience.

It’s important to note that MeOS isn’t…

  • A daily mood or emotions tracker
  • Overly feminine or juvenile by design
  • A long-term subscription service only
  • Reliant on a user’s self-motivation
  • Funded by a large corporation 

Here are the 5 reasons why MeOS is different from other mental health apps.

Mental health tracker features

1. Accountability partner focus

You are encouraged to connect with a trusted accountability partner like a close friend, family member, partner or coach, who you’ll meet with at least once a month to discuss how yours (and their) mental health is tracking and to make any changes to the dashboard depending on what’s happening in your lives at that time. MeOS lowers the barrier to communication and acts like an automated-agenda for healthy discussion.

2. Practical approach to life

Mental health is a consequence of life’s experiences. But we’ve been brought up believing that it’s symptoms and illnesses that we treat rather than root cause problems like financial struggles, relationship challenges or social communication breakdowns. MeOS allows us to recognise what’s under control, what’s needed to manage and what’s out of control, because knowledge is power. Think of it like your own second ‘digital’ brain to offload any psychological overwhelm.

3. Science backed routine

We’ve baked in scientifically valid aspects of mental health tracking, like Andrew Huberman’s morning routine, to give you the confidence that engaging with MeOS will enable you to be the best person you can be for yourself and for those around you in confidence.

4. Low engagement required

MeOS will only be effective if you stay engaged and update it with your accountability partner but it doesn’t require you to constantly track your mood or emotions every day. We’ve added small ‘sticky’ features like quick To Do lists, Reminders, Countdowns and Calendars so it feels like MeOS is your single source of truth for managing your life’s activities.

5. Easy duplicatable Notion template

It’s super simple to duplicate this template into your own existing (or new) Notion dashboard. Notion is a powerful tool used worldwide to manage your life’s activities. It’s free and is available across all devices with a strong community of users who can be on hand to help you out if you get stuck.

Download MeOS mental health tracker

MeOS is available to download and duplicate into your Notion dashboard with full control to add your personal details in complete privacy. The mental health tracker + complementary (optional) onboarding call is run non-profit at £19.00 GBP and is fully secured by Stripe payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Notion?
Notion is a customisable web and mobile platform that empowers people to manage their personal and professional lives in a number of ways, like: project managing your life with checklists, timelines, vision boards, tables, notes and much more!

Is MeOS easy to setup?
If you've used Notion before, even as a beginner, all you'll need to do is replace the various different bits of content to suit your own life and you're good to go. If you're unfamiliar with Notion, I'd recommend watching a beginner's course on YouTube.

What is Behaveo?
Behaveo is a mental health consultancy firm that covers a whole range of services with qualified professionals like counselling, employee wellbeing strategy and educational products. Founded by a former mental health nurse.

Can I share MeOS with a friend?
Each paid license is for single-time private-use. Please direct your friend to this sales page for them to purchase the product directly themselves.

Is there a refund policy?
As this is classed as a digital download product, we cannot process refunds after sale. If you are struggling with the template or are unsatisfied, please email and we'll try our best to resolve your query.

Do you have support available?
Yes, absolutely. Your setup success is our priority. Every purchase gets a complementary 30 minute consultation should you require it and instructions are given upon sale confirmation.

I love MeOS! How do I become an affiliate?
Simply submit your request here » Behaveo Affiliate.