Staying grounded can be difficult when the world around you feels chaotic. You may feel a strange sense of imbalance (that could be hormonal related) or insecurity when really you should feel abundance with a health body for your own mental health and physical wellness. With these practiced and proven 10 root chakra affirmations, you can help yourself to stay rooted and connected to your true center without being overwhelmed.

Each affirmation repeated to yourself every day helps to bring peace, tranquility, and balance to your root chakra. Spoken regularly, root chakra affirmations can help to keep you firmly grounded in the present moment and help you navigate through difficult situations with ease. So whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or just need a little extra grounding, try out these affirmations today and let me know how you get on.

Before we get into the list, let’s understand what the root chakra is exactly.

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Firstly, what is the root chakra?

The concept of chakra healing derived in the early traditions of Hinduism. Beliefs differ between the Indian religions, with many Buddhist texts consistently mentioning five chakras, while Hindu sources reference six or seven. The chakras are, essentially, seven wheels of energy that move through your body top to bottom, starting at the crown of your head and traveling down to the base of your spine, your perineum, the root, when you are sitting down. Yoga is a common movement based practice and a powerful tool to help unblock your chakras in an effective way.

The seven wheels of energy are:

  1. Crown chakra
  2. Third eye chakra
  3. Throat chakra
  4. Heart chakra
  5. Solar plexus
  6. Sacral chakra
  7. Root chakra

When spinning in harmony, each chakra allows energy to flow through the body. However, if one of these wheels is blocked, your well-being can suffer. The first chakra, Muladhara, or “root chakra,” acts as the root of the body. It provides you with a base or foundation for life, and it helps you feel grounded and able to withstand challenges. Your root chakra is responsible for your sense of security and stability so conversely if your root chakra is out of alignment, imbalance, or has a blockage you may feel depressed, anxious or even constipated(!)

What is a root chakra affirmation?

A root chakra affirmation is a positive statement about yourself or your situation that you repeat to yourself often. These affirmations help to ground and center you, which can help with stress relief and overall well-being. Try saying them before bed, when you’re in a difficult situation, or anytime during the day when you need some extra support. Whether you’re new to affirmations or you’re a long-time believer, adding root chakra affirmations to your daily routine is a great way to stay on track and stay grounded.

Root Chakra Affirmations: Red Chakra "Muladhara" Representing Stability
The Red Too Chakra “Muladhara” Representing Stability

List of 10 root chakra affirmations

We’ve hand-picked and written the following 10 root chakra affirmations that will allow you to feel in control of your energy center, grounded in a sense that allows space for balancing and healing, clearing any blockage with these mantra:

  1. I am closely connected to my body
  2. I am worthy of love supported by Mother Earth
  3. I am grounded by self-love and deserve it
  4. I trust in the good of the world and its people
  5. I recognise and release my doubts and fears
  6. I breathe in strength and breathe out uncertainty
  7. I am in control of my emotions and their power
  8. I trust in my life journey and where it takes me
  9. I am worthy of inner-peace and vitality
  10. My root chakra is balanced so I am thankful

Create, at least, a regular morning routine and speak these root chakra affirmations confidently out-load for true root chakra healing and to manifest peaceful energy in a natural state. If it helps, watch the following meditation / mindfulness video by Meditative Mind on YouTube and try to clear your mind focusing only on the affirmations for your mental health.

How best to use root chakra affirmations

There’s no denying the importance of grounding ourselves each day. Staying connected to our roots is key in order to maintain balance and sanity. However, it can be difficult to find the right balance. That’s where root chakra affirmations come in. These positive statements help us connect with our inner energy, and help us stay grounded and in control. Remember to repeat them each day until they become a part of your routine. Once you’ve selected the affirmations that resonate with you, take the time to read them aloud or write them down. This way, you can keep them close at hand and easily access them when you need them. Remember, staying grounded is key to living a healthy and balanced life!

FAQs on root chakra affirmations

What do they have to do with staying grounded?

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is believed to be the first chakra to open in a person’s development. It is considered the grounding chakra because it helps to connect us to the earth and its energy.

How can I use affirmations to help me stay calm and focused in the day?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best root chakra affirmations for each person will vary depending on their personal beliefs and preferences. However, some affirmations that may be helpful for staying calm and focused throughout the day include: “I am capable of handling today’s challenges,” “Today is a good day,” and “I am in control.”

Which root chakra should I focus on when trying to stay positive?

The root chakra is the first chakra, located at the base of the spine. When stuck in a negative cycle of thinking or feeling, working on developing positive affirmations and visualizations for this chakra can be beneficial.

What are some of the benefits of using root chakra affirmations?

Affirmations are a form of self-hypnosis in which positive statements are repeated to oneself. They have been shown to have a variety of benefits, including reducing anxiety and depression, increasing self-esteem, improving sleep quality, and increasing mental energy and motivation. The source of most affirmations information is a 2006 study published in the [Journal of Positive Psychology].

Can affirmation work if you’re feeling stressed or anxious?

Affirmations like these can work if you are feeling stressed or anxious, as long as the affirmation is positive. The best affirmation to use for this purpose is “I am capable.”


Staying grounded is essential for a healthy and happy life. By using these 10 root chakra affirmations designed specifically for the root chakra, you can help to keep your root chakra healthy and activated. We’ve included a list of affirmations that are designed to help you in your healing process. Make sure to use these affirmations each day to help keep your root chakra grounded and activated!

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